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Explicit excellence Limited price Lyrics

Salival Explicit Lyrics


Salival Explicit Lyrics


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Tool Salival DVD/CD Box Set Original Issue The first pressings of Salival contain typographical errors Aloke Dutta and Paul D'Amour's names are misspelled as Aloke Dutto and Paul D'Mour. "Stinkfist" is listed as "Stink Fist." "Message to Harry Manback II" is spelled "Messege to Harry Manback II." The CD track ordering of "Merkaba" and "You Lied" is incorrect. After a four-year hiatus, Tool returns with the elaborately packaged Salival set, which includes a 70-minute CD of previously unreleased live and studio material, a 56-page book of photos and video stills, and a DVD collection of the group's impressive stop-motion videos. Live versions of "Part of Me," "Push It," and "Third Eye" reaffirm the band's standing as one of alternative metal's most compelling live acts; unreleased studio tracks such as "Message to Harry Manback II" and "L.A. Municipal Court" definitely sound like abandoned material, but offer a look at Tool's quirkier side. Covers of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" and "You Lied" -- a song by bassist Justin Chancellor's previous group Peach -- round out the disc's better-than-average selection of odds and sods. Salival's intricate, eclectic look and sound give it the feel of a "thank you" to patient Tool fans; fortunately for them -- and the band -- it was worth the wait. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi

One disc of this deluxe two-disc set serves up 74 minutes (eight songs) of live material and outtakes; the other offers a DVD (in Surround 5.1) of Tool's four grotesquely artistic videos, plus the bonus clip, "Hush," from their 1992 "i"Opiate EP. Although there's little that's new here, it's put together with as much intensity and attention to detail as the quartet's other releases. The musical high point is the driving but delicate take on "Pushit." It's also entertaining to hear singer Maynard James Keenan in a Neil Young kind of mood on "Lame." This elaborately packaged set is really just a reminder of how creative and powerful this hard rock group can be. --Janiss Garza

Salival Explicit Lyrics

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